Who We Are

Bar Louie 1/12/2019.jpeg

On a slushy Saturday afternoon in January 2019, a very small group of pharmacists, med students, and a non-profit government relations guy, most of whom met on Twitter, got together at Bar Louie on Halsted and decided they’d do whatever it would take to legalize drug donation and reuse in Illinois (aka allow prescription drug repositories). 

The Illinois Prescription Drug Repository Coalition was born, and immediately got to work. Two and a half years later the Illinois Drug Reuse Opportunity Program Act was signed into law - and now we’re working to raise awareness among health care professionals and patients about the myriad of possibilities IDROP presents. 

Sign up here for updates. We’ll be providing information as soon as it’s available on where you can donate medication and how to access donated medication. We’re creating outreach materials and conveying regulatory updates. If you need an IDROP expert to speak at an event, let us know here. If you have any specific questions send them to us. Thank you for your interest in drug donation and reuse!

Because we believe prescriptions are for people,

not landfills, not lakes, not incinerators.