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Making drug donation convenient

It’s taken a minute, but the IDROP Coalition is excited to announce some tools we’ve created to help facilitate your donation of eligible medication to participating pharmacies and clinics.

First is our Donation Site Listing page here. While we’re happy that sites are geographically spread out, Illinois is a big state and it’s likely none are convenient to you.

That’s where our really cool tool comes in! Go to our Donate Medications page here. Type in your contact info. Click Individual and Via Mail. Then Click here to select a participating location and print a shipping label directly!

You pay (the equivalent of a couple of gallons of gas) to cover the shipping and send the meds straight to the participating pharmacy or clinic. It’s easy and convenient!

Thanks for caring enough to keep eligible unused meds out of incinerators and landfills and get them to patients in need! ♻️ 💊 ♻️

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